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This is my website. I manage this website. So, instead of crafting a lengthy, inflated biography that might exaggerate or omit details—a common pitfall for many—I'll keep it straightforward:

I've been fortunate to have been surrounded by excellent mentors and role models from an early age. As such, I've met and worked alongside some extraordinary individuals while tackling interesting projects and exciting missions.

I am driven by a desire to create, to realize thoughts and ideas into existence. I would like to think that I am a producer, and that I spend my time trying to create a 'better' world in which I would like to live.


Sectors that I'm primarily focused on currently include real estate development and music/entertainment. I'm also delving into fields like energy & the energy transition, economic developments, socio-political trends, design & style, and existential philosophy.

You may see me out and about, walking development sites or performing music, probably somewhere in the American Southeast or Texas. If so, don’t be a stranger and come say what’s up.

Peace ✌️

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